The Importance of Setting Goals & Objectives for Incoming Graduates

As a college student, you may be thinking about ways you can leverage your academic achievements towards helping you land a professional job after graduation ( we all know that feeling). Students who graduated over the course of the past couple of (4) years found themselves happy to just find any job they could do until the economy rebounded. Which shouldn’t be. After your hard work you should aim for the things you deserve. So here is the top 10 tips for you


Siblings at tug-of-war

Rivalry. The most common conflict we have at home, especially when you have siblings/sibling. You can never deny the moments when you just can’t avoid getting on each other’s nerves and completely start wars against each other with all the insufferable words just completely come out of each other’s mouths cursing like lunatics. And for the US who have siblings? Believe it or not. it is ridiculously NORMAL. Yes, you heard it right.