Back to School Outfit Ideas

Today I’m Collaborating for the first time with a fellow aspiring YouTuber, Brave Hearts all the way from Cameroon Africa!!! I enjoyed this collab so much, and she is such a nice person to collab with. So if you're also a small YouTuber looking for someone to collab with, DM her on IG: .Tell … Continue reading Back to School Outfit Ideas


Oh my Bag PH Handle Wraps Review

πŸ‘‡Adventures + OhmyBagPh Style IdeasΒ πŸ‘‡ I for one, is a well-known Queen of Ruination, especially when it comes to bags. Because of celebrity influences (like the Kardarshian Effect), I happened to have found myself collecting some fancy schmancy "looking" bags for the reason that i simply grew up. I like elegant things now. πŸ˜› … Continue reading Oh my Bag PH Handle Wraps Review