Fresh Skinlab Collagen Face Mist Product Review

Let me just begin with, I've come to resurrect my Blog, Baby! lol Happy New Year to all! I just promised myself to get my stuff together and do this again, because i just got way way waaaay too focused on my youtube channel (which isΒ link hereΒ #shamelessplug πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š) that i forgot how much i was … Continue reading Fresh Skinlab Collagen Face Mist Product Review


PEACHY MAKEUP TUTORIAL (Philippines) | MiahWho

I know the recreation of this look is already outnumbered on the internet but i still wanted to try my own version of this look! If you wanna watch my FULL Video Tutorial, just click this link right here and Enjoy! Don't forget to hit the Like Button, comment what you think about it & … Continue reading PEACHY MAKEUP TUTORIAL (Philippines) | MiahWho