Hear It From Me



Hi. I am one of the few “Miah” of the new millennials. Existing in today’s world can be very difficult to excel from the uncountable Miah’s this world had and exist at the moment, But I am trying my very best to put everything I got to the table. I am an aspiring blogger, and an aspiring YouTuber with videos that give you an idea about my personality, my sense of fashion, my sense of creativity, my sense of humor, my love for anything about beauty, life, and most importantly, my heart. All of these passions & interests had led me to make hereitgoesbymiah back in 2014. Although I may have changed from different blog sites, the one in WordPress has been thriving and has a few following since I have not been constantly writing due to the lack of interest, for I was too focused on the places I have been planted by other people, focusing on the goals of other people that made me think as a realistic goals for me. Now, I am inviting you to browse on my site on a little of anything and everything.

Don’t Forget to leave some love.

Love, Miah