Mauve Make up Look + Product Reviews

Hi, guys! So I played with the BROWN palette from @everbilenaofficial yesterday and tried some looks and… I LOVE IT!πŸ’– it is super pigmented IF paired with a slightly watery based foundation or concealer, no wonder it worked really well cause I also used their foundation ( Beige) and concealer (Light) and it was like a match made in heaven πŸ˜±πŸ™ŒπŸ‘ Now I will no longer hesitate buying their Pink palette πŸ˜ƒNo need to Apply it with water to get some real pigmentation πŸ™ŒπŸΌ


πŸ‘‰For the Foundation, it is only good for a light to semi-medium coverage and it is easy to blend but not entirely good for photo taken with flash and very lightweight on the face
πŸ‘‰For their Concealer, it is very watery based as well, I like the bubble gum smell or sweet smell to it, although the light shade has an orangey undertone? meron ba nun? Haha anyways, it is blending in with my skin so I need something lighter than light, basically, I got the wrong shade. I love it cause it didn’t give me allergic reactions or itchy feeling when applied. And it’s non-sticky at all and not heavy on the face. For the coverage, it can do for a light to semi-medium under eye coverage but looks really well with a good finishing powder.
πŸ‘‰Loose Powder: I used a Loose Powder from @nichidocosmetics in the shade Ivory Glow, it wasn’t cakey to me and I love it although it got really messy HAHA the packaging was really cute too!
πŸ‘‰For the Lips I used @ebadvance’s LTD matte lipstick in Private beach, it is transfer proof even if it isn’t totally dry yet, however, it gets easy removed by eating oily foods and drinks BUT it is just too elegant my dad thinks it is a very subtle shade and yet very classy, basically he loves the shade as well and recommends it for Classy & elegant women Hahaha (He is very hands on when it comes to shades of clothes and cosmetics I wear; very conservative, I know)
πŸ‘‰For the Highlighter, I used the BROWN palette’s white shimmery eyeshadow
πŸ‘‰For the Brows, I used @everbilenaofficial Eyebrow gel in the shade brown (not sure I will update this)~ UPDATE: it’s Golden Brown Brow Gel.
πŸ‘‰As for the Blush, I used @shawillcosmeticsph ‘s Terra Cotta Blusher’s Pink Shimmery blush ( I LOVE THIS PRODUCT SO MUCH) very pigmented and has a metallic touch to it!πŸ’–
πŸ€™Overall, I love it, I don’t really go for a full coverage because it is soo hot here in the Philippines and the atmosphere’s temp just opens the pores more and with a full coverage making all the products go inside my pores? I don’t think so.

Follow me?


Love, Miah ❀

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