Fast and Easy Homemade Bread Recipe

Fast and Easy Homemade Bread Recipe!

Today I am making some easy peasy quick to-do homemade bread and I just wanna share with you guys how I do it because I know us Filipinos we love our bread especially during meriendas hahaha i’ve learned making bread since I was 12 but that was a leavened one and this one is just a regular bread we all love to eat, sometimes I make oreo bread too, my specialty and my mom’s fave! if you wanna know how I make Oreo Bread then please comment below!

Miah’s Bread Recipe!

1/2 cup Hot water
3/4 Cup Brown Sugar ( or a smaller amount depending on your taste)
1 teaspoon Sea Salt
*1/4 hot water depends on the water temp for yeast
4 tablespoon dry yeast
Then mix well, let it grow for 10-15 mins

Add 1/2 kilo 1st class Flour into the yeast
Add 2 caps of Vanilla
Add 1/2 Cup Baguio Oil/ Olive Oil
Add 2/3 egg yolks ONLY
Set aside Egg whites for egg wash later

Mix all ingredients properly
Continuously keep adding flour until it becomes a manageable to kneed dough
If the dough’s a bit hard, add in some small amount of water, oil and flour

Form it into whatever shape you want
Put the dough into a baking pan with oil
Preheat oven for 5 mins in Maximum degree Celsius
Brush up the egg wash on the dough

Put the dough into the oven then lower temp at 220 degree celsius and bake for 20-25 mins depending on the bread size, prolong baking if bread is bigger in size just to make sure the center of the bread is cooked and not raw.

That is all!


Full video HERE on my YouTube Channel: MiahWho


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